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Harrow School live at the Royal Albert Hall

Abbas Records was founded as a result of the closure of the technical departments at The Decca Record Co Ltd in 1997. Since then recording engineers Simon Eadon and John Dunkerley and producers Chris Hazell and Morten Winding have been the torchbearers for the continuation of the high technical and production values which were the distinctive hall marks of the “ffrr Decca Sound”. These musical and sonic craftsmen are available as individuals or teams to ensure the correct fusion of music and technology which can turn live concerts or studio sessions into legendary world class recordings. Their collective experience totals more than one century. They are the only current working Decca Recording Engineers and Producers whose careers began at the original Decca Studios in Broadhurst Gardens and whose initiation took place along side the greatest engineers and producers of the twentieth century. Since life after Decca, Andrew Keener has also worked extensively with Simon Eadon to form a new and compelling partnership. With many Hyperion recordings to their credit, they have also been responsible for the highly acclaimed Hallé Orchestra Elgar series on its own label.

With so many available recordings of any given work theses days, producing only the best musical and sonic results is even more of a sine qua non.

As with great meals, good recordings start with good raw ingredients. Musicians need good acoustics in which to shine. We can advise on the suitability of venues, their acoustics and background noise levels with respect to any particular style of music.

The world's best microphones are then used to capture and blend the sound - the finely poised balance between performers and acoustic. With a comprehensive arsenal of Neumann and Schoeps microphones, recordings are stored on the most transparent media currently available. Editing is on SADiE or Pyramix which handle all recording formats. Monitoring, whether at the recording venue or post-production, is on B&W loudspeakers.

Equipment can be useless unless in expert hands. We can truly boast the most experienced individuals in every aspect of high quality sound recording and post-production. High bit rate, 96k recordings can sound worse than 44.1k/16bit recordings unless the essential basic requirements (good acoustics, low-level background and musicians who are sympathetic to and capable of blending their own internal balance) are in place. Accurate control-room monitoring is also vital to assess and maintain these parameters.

In addition to our producing, recording, editing and mastering activities we can also oversee the arranging and typesetting of music. We can prepare scores and parts to publishing standard.